April 12, 2018

Wow. I am still amazed by the amount of support and love y’all have shown me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am one blessed gal <3

Let’s start today by talking about what self-care is.

Self-care: the way one cares for themselves

Clearly, this is a very vague definition. And honestly, that’s what I love about it!

In college, I was working 40-80 hour weeks with full-time school (-3/10 would not recommend). I survived it by slowly… and I mean very slowly… learning my own version of self-care. But because I was such a busy student my self-care looked very very different from what most people were doing.

I remember specifically being paired with another student for a group project and I gave her a list of time slots I was available to work with her in the upcoming week and she said that she would be asleep during all but one of those slots and that one final slot was her self-care day, so she couldn’t do the project then either.

I was shocked and irritated that she didn’t seem to be putting forth any effort to do our REQUIRED team project, but we found a way to make it work by splitting the project entirely in half and not really working together (don’t worry, we got an A).

As much as I was irritated by her lack of willingness to be flexible, I also understood that she needed to hold her ground to be able to take care of herself. Risking her emotional/mental/physical health for a project wouldn’t be fair to her either. If you don’t stand up for what you need emotionally… you’ll never receive what you need.

Holding your ground and standing up for what it is you need to stay healthy is the hardest thing to do, but also the most essential.

If you aren’t willing to take those steps towards self-care or standing up for your self-care process you are (unwittingly) allowing others to see that they can take the spot of most important in your life… even more important than your sanity.

Okay, but how important is it really? I think I’m doing just fine, Mo.



Nopitty. Nope.

If you’re not regularly practicing self-care you’re not doing “just fine.”

Think about your overarching life goal… Does it somehow involve helping people?


If you don’t actively participate in self-care you will have nothing left to share with others.

If you’re regularly waking up in the morning feeling like you have nothing left to give… it’s time for you to practice some self-care.

If you leave for your day and question whether or not you’re making a difference in the world… you may need to learn better self-care.

Do you feel like your emotional capacity to help others has been capped? Like, you genuinely don’t have the bandwidth to add anything to your life? Self-care is definitely for you.

Oh no, that’s me… HOW DO I FIX IT???

I’m so glad you asked!

We’re going to walk through learning self-care together here in this blog.

It will look different in different seasons of your life and I’m still learning what it means in this post-grad, currently working basically 3 jobs, pre-grad school season in my life.

Tonight it meant getting my favorite chips, a latte, and some ice cream to snack on this evening.

Yesterday, it was going to bed 30 minutes early.

There isn’t an exact science to what you need to do for self-care. But it needs to bring something that reminds you that your life is worth living and sparks excitement and happiness within you.

It can be something that reminds you of your passions. Like, reading a book about a country you want to travel to or trying out a new recipe!

It can be something that helps you unwind. Maybe taking a bath with a bath bomb you picked up from Target this week or going for an evening stroll.

It might be something that helps you reflect on life… calling an old friend and chatting about old memories and what’s happening now or journaling for a bit.

Psssst. Don’t tell anyone… but it can also mean that you may need to say no to social invitations/requests. Or maybe even a meeting that isn’t required, but “strongly encouraged.”

I personally aim to have 2 nights per week where I do nothing for any of my jobs and just take care of myself and my dog. At first, it felt so selfish to “ignore” my responsibilities, but now… I almost look forward to it. Who knew I would ever get to a place in my life where I would want to learn to relax??? This is a whole new side of Caitlin. I can’t wait to bring you along to meet the newest version of her 😉


What I’m loving right now:

I decided listing 5 things I’m loving twice a week is too broad for me… haha! So, now it’s going to be three things at a time.

  1. My fave coffee stand by my work re-opening so that I can get coffee on my breaks! Someone set it on fire a few months back (thankfully no one was hurt) and the whole office is glad they’re back.
  2. Taking pics of people’s dogs for Tucker’s dog-training place. They’re so cute and it’s such a fun thing that I get to help with!
  3. CHURRITOS. My fave chips. They’re like Takis, but thinner and just so yummy.


Now that we’ve had this nice chat about what self-care is… what are you planning to do for self-care this week?

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