notifications keeping you down? Why/how I turned mine off…

April 17, 2018

I’m a busy girl.

I work for a school full-time. I work for a church. I have a doggo that I adore. I do additional volunteer work. And I try to have a social life (lol).

I definitely get overwhelmed sometimes, but here are some little tricks I use to keep myself grounded.


First, I turn off my cell data. 90% of the time you won’t be able to send me an iMessage or DM me unless I’m at home.

Honestly. I just get distracted too easily if it’s on because I want to know what everyone is up to all the time. I’ve had FOMO since I was a child. Literally. You can ask my parents. I wouldn’t go to sleep at night because I was worried I would miss something. The only way I can combat that in this over-connected world is to TURN OFF MY DATA. Sorry friends. But if you need me, call me. Or just make sure your iMessage sends as SMS. (To make sure your iMessages will send as SMS go to General > Messages > then toggle “Send as SMS” to on. Thanks).


Second, I only have notifications turned on for like 5 apps. I get text notifications, snapchat, insta for DMs only, Twitter DMs and replies, and Slack notifications (which we use for church). Even then, I occasionally turn the Twitter and Instagram ones off, because they can be annoying.

I don’t want to get notified for every like, comment, or RT. They quickly begin to bombard your notification bar and not only might you miss something important but you also suddenly have 10x more notifications and that is just a constant interruption to your day. I don’t have the spare time to constantly allow myself to be distracted by notifications. I need my peace and quiet too.

That said, I do always check my comments and such eventually. It’s usually only at night or in the morning before work. Which allows me to sit down and really think about how I want to respond.


Oh! I do actually get one other notification!

My daily Bible Reading App (Read Scripture) reminds me every day at 6 pm to sit down and read and reflect. If it weren’t for that notification I would probably forget 50% of the time that I need to slow down and reflect on my day.


Often that Bible reading time is followed by… JOURNALING.

Which is something everyone should do. You can write about your day and what made you stressed or nervous or little things that made you happy.

You can write about a new goal. Did you know if you write down your goals you are 42% more likely to achieve them??

You can write about your plans for the week.

You can write about literally anything that comes to mind.

I used to be so nervous about journaling… like I wouldn’t have anything to say or I would just sit and stare at the blank page because it suddenly seems like a huge piece of paper and I feel like there is an expectation to fill the whole page…

But nope.

Sometimes I write a single word that I have really been pondering (see my post here about my three words of 2018). Sometimes I fill up three pages.

There is no wrong way to journal. But I promise after a few weeks of journaling regularly… words will just start to flow onto the page.


Another fun thing I do with my phone is I turn off the vibrate on all messages. It’s taken away a lot of the anxiousness I feel about having a phone because I don’t hear it going off for every little thing – and it’s awesome. It goes off for the important stuff like phone calls, but play with those settings and find a way to make all this interconnectedness feel less urgent! Because it really isn’t that urgent.

This allows me to sit down and answer messages/notifications when I am ready to respond and not have to respond immediately.


3 things I’ve been loving lately:


  1. the doTerra oils I got! They’re awesome. Obviously Lemon is a real winner, but the Serenity one has been great too! I use that one when i’m going to sleep. Also, my boss has pneumonia so we’ve been diffusing Breathe in the office and it actually helped her stop coughing??? It was crazy.
  2. Naps. I’ve been so tired lately that every nap feels like a gift from above.
  3. Celebrating my cousin’s upcoming wedding! She had the cutest bridal shower and it was great to spend some time with family and friends for a bit on a Sunday afternoon!


I’m always open to hearing more tips on how you keep yourself grounded in this overly connected world!


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  1. The ‘Moment’ app has been a great one for me!! It keeps track of your phone usage and allows you to set limits and gives alerts if you’re close! Staying at home with girlie gives me a lot of free time, but I’ve been very intentional with spending that time with HER and not distracted on my device! For people who are just starting to try and decrease phone usage and those distractions it’s a great eye opener to how much you really do use your screens, and helps you stay accountable to limiting that time!! I also have turned off a ton of notifications, helps a lot 🙂 love this!

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